Why should you vote for the European elections? What is the importance of European cooperation for education, innovation, and research? And where should the focus lie for the EU's next 5-year term? Watch our new video and find out what the Dutch knowledge sector has to say.

What do the European elections mean for the knowledge sector?

European elections & innovation, education, and research

In the countdown to June 6-9, Neth-ER travelled across to the Netherlands to underline the importance and relevance of the upcoming elections, as well as the role of innovation, education, and research in the European context. We talked to several players from the Dutch knowledge sector – from students to doctors, and from researchers to university rectors – to understand what the EU can offer them and what they can offer the EU. Click here to watch our video.


Interview segments

In the build-up to this publication, Neth-ER has published various interview segments that dive deeper into the experiences, hopes and concerns of the interviewees regarding EU affairs. Watch vocational students share their experiences with the Erasmus+ programme, listen to rectors of two universities discuss the need to invest in knowledge, and hear about the role of Applied Universities in tackling societal challenges. Find a playlist of all the interviews here.



For the tenth time , the European Union sets out for another 5-year term following the elections from June 6-9. This period begins with a new European Parliament, filled with national representatives directly elected by European voters. These MEPs will then elect the president of the European Commission through an absolute majority vote.