Neth-ER Position Paper on Erasmus

29 maart 2019

In this position paper, the Dutch knowledge community, associated in Neth-ER, reflects on the European Commission’s proposal for Erasmus and the following discussions in the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. In general, the members of Neth-ER welcome the proposal. Some aspects can however still be improved. This paper builds on the key messages from the ‘Neth-ER Vision Paper on Erasmus+, Knowledge First’, published in November 2017. It includes specific recommendations on the Commission’s proposal for Erasmus and the proceedings in the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. .

The Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020) continues to demonstrate its great European added value by fostering intercultural exchange, social cohesion and smart European growth. The Dutch knowledge community underscores the crucial importance of investing further in the European Union’s education programme in order to build a strong European knowledge economy. Currently, Europe is confronted with challenges such as increased radicalisation, inequality and the spread of misinformation. Now is the time that we need critical and open-minded thinkers. High quality education equips young people with the skills they need for the jobs of the future, empowers European citizens and contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Erasmus should therefore play a crucial role in future EU policy strategies; it should contribute to improvement of the quality of education in the EU, provide ample opportunities for intercultural experiences for all Europeans and further stimulate innovation in education.

Key principles:
  • Foster the quality of the European education systems
  • Internationalisation for all
  • Innovation in European education
Key conditions:
  • Make Erasmus user-friendly
  • Big ambitions require a bigger budget

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