Servoz: 'Better linking to business is essential for vocational and higher education'

It seems that 2017 will have a lot in store for DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Reason for Neth-ER to ask Michel Servoz, Director-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (...

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Smits: '2017: another crucial year for European science and innovation'

Embedding science and innovation in all EU policy activities is in full motion as well as the preparation for FP9. Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General for Research and Innovation underlines the...

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Thyssen: New Skills Agenda aims to build bridges between education and labour market

With high (youth) unemployment throughout the continent and with a rapidly changing demand for skills, making sure people acquire the right skills is of utmost importance. To address these...

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Bussemaker: 'There is still much work to be done to improve the quality of education'

Building cognitive and social skills, combating radicalisation and coping with migration are the Presidency’s key priorities for education, according to Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister for

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Dekker: 'We will realise Open Access by 2020'

Sander Dekker, State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, is pushing for more widespread use of Open Access as a means of publishing the results of publically-f

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Science in Europe can be more than the sum of its parts

It is well over four decades ago that I seized the opportunity to participate in the Summer Student programme of CERN, the European centre for particle physics. At the age of 21 I entered an amazing...

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Bruyninckx: ‘circulaire economie gesneden koek voor Nederlandse instellingen’

Sinds juni 2013 is de Belgisch politicoloog Hans Bruyninckx, directeur van het Europees Milieuagentschap (EEA) te Kopenhagen. Het agentschap verstrekt beleidsmakers in Europa informatie en advies...

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Rinnooy Kan: 'We give focus to Dutch research in the years to come'

Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Beatrice de Graaf finished their work as presidents of the National Research Agenda (Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda) of the Netherlands in January 2016. This agenda...

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Smits: ‘Putting Science and Innovation at the top of Europe’s agenda’

A new year has begun and the Dutch EU-Presidency is finally there. Science and innovation are high on the Dutch and on the European agenda. The right moment to discuss the challenges and...

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