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Knowledge First: 12,5 years Neth-ER

The 12,5 year anniversary of Neth-ER provided a special opportunity to gather high-level Dutch and European stakeholders in the fields of education, research and innovation for the annual Neth-ER...

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Europe needs internationalisation, internationalisation needs Europe

Intercultural understanding has always been important, but now more so than ever. Much of the enormous turmoil Europe and the world are facing today has, at least partly, been caused by the refusal...

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The Netherlands enthusiastic about (open) online higher education

According to Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science, the use of open and online education will make it possible to improve the quality of education and teaching...

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Cyprus sets the rules for Horizon 2020

'Working towards a better Europe' is the motto of the Cypriot Presidency who have identified their priorities for education, research and innovation for the coming six months. Cyprus will hold the...

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