Involving the voice of researchers in Open Access debate

12 April 2016

Researchers should have a stronger voice in the open access debate, according to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In this context the KNAW published 21 interviews with researchers on what they think of open access. The majority of the interviewed researchers agrees that open access must benefit both research and society.

José van Dijck, President of the KNAW, believes that the EU must engage scientists and scholars as much as possible in open access publishing. Therefore the KNAW published the bookletOpening the book on open access’. The KNAW wants to increase the involvement of researchers in the debate on open access. So far this debate has been mostly about what university administrators, librarians, government, funding organizations and publishers think, according to Van Dijck.

The Dutch Presidency
Open access is also an important topic during the Dutch EU Presidency, as the Open Science conference of 4 and 5 April in Amsterdam demonstrated. During her key note speech, Van Dijck mentioned her wish to shift the focus more towards researchers. Van Dijck reiterated her position on Open Science in a column on the website of Neth-ER.  

21 researchers talking
The 21 researchers, who were interviewed for the booklet, agree that the open access principle (in whatever ultimate form) must benefit research and society. The researchers think that academic knowledge should be available to everyone, also to people outside the research field, and that it should be comprehensible for everyone in society. The KNAW selected seven members of the Academy’s learned society, seven members of The Young Academy, and seven young researchers (PhD candidates and postdocs) from the Academy’s institutes.

Meer informatie
Publication KNAW: Opening the book on open acces: What researchers think
Article Neth-ER: Open Science: Action with caution
Article Neth-ER: The Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science  

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