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Dekker: 'We will realise Open Access by 2020'

Sander Dekker, State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, is pushing for more widespread use of Open Access as a means of publishing the results of publically-funded...

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Europe increasingly important for Dutch science

Europe becomes more important for the Dutch research and innovation sector. This is the main conclusion that The Rathenau Institute presented in their report De Nederlandse wetenschap in de European...

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Towards a European standard for open access

The E-InfraNet Project will help the further development of ´Open Access´ approaches. This conclusion was drawn after an inventory of current (national) programmes and policies in the EU that are...

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EU and Croatia: challenges ahead for research and innovation

Dobro došla Hrvatska or ‘Welcome Croatia’ is the text you find on the banner which covers one side of the Berlaymont building in Brussels. As of 1 July 2013, Croatia is a member of the EU. How is...

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MEPs debate Horizon 2020 budget on MFF 2014-2020

“It is unlikely that an agreement will be reached on the MFF by the heads of state on 22-23 November” as stated by MEP James Elles. During the debate ‘Horizon 2020: The Parliament speaks’ hosted by...

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Human capital- a key source of future growth for Europe

The ‘Marie Curie People 2012 conference’ brought to the forefront the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCAs) and the ways in which they can contribute to Europe’s 2020 strategic objectives.  ...

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Intellectual Property in Marie Curie projects – how it works

A new fact sheet which is now online has been created by the European IPR helpdesk on the management of Intellectual Property (IP) rules applicable in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in Marie...

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ITRE in the run up to Horizon 2020

Timing and talking to the right people are crucial in influencing MEPs, particularly in the run up to Horizon 2020. Gai Oren of the secretariat of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE)...

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Register for the Neth-ER Seminar on the Rules for Participation on 16 May!

The proposal by the European Commission for Horizon 2020 is negotiated by Council and Parliament since a couple of months now. One of the regulations of the Horizon 2020 legislative package focuses...

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