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Mededeling: Improving Competences for the 21st Century: An Agenda for European Cooperation on Schools
Mededeling: An Agenda for new skills and jobs


Servoz: 'Better linking to business is essential for vocational and higher education’'

It seems that 2017 will have a lot in store for DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion . Reason for Neth-ER to ask Michel Servoz, Director-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (...

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New Skills Agenda; a good start

The New Skills Agenda for Europe is a good step in addressing the skills gap and skills mismatch in Europe, but there are still some questions concerning the implementation. That is the general...

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Thyssen: New Skills Agenda aims to build bridges between education and labour market

With high (youth) unemployment throughout the continent and with a rapidly changing demand for skills, making sure people acquire the right skills is of utmost importance. To address these...

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Bussemaker: 'There is still much work to be done to improve the quality of education'

Building cognitive and social skills, combating radicalisation and coping with migration are the Presidency’s key priorities for education, according to Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister for Education...

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How students can help tackle Europe’s crises through value education

The shadow of war and conflict has returned to the European continent and education is key in dealing with this new era. Through education, European values can be spread and these values can help in...

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Ingredients for a European Skills Agenda

Skills is a hot topic, both on the regional, national and European level. The European Commission will present a European Skills Agenda on the 25th of May 2016. During a Neth-ER Seminar,...

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Martine Reicherts: 'learning and teaching needs to be more relevant'

What are the main issues Martine Reicherts, newly appointed head of the Directorate-General Education and Culture (DG EAC), wants to tackle? What is the impact of the Erasmus+ programme and what...

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VET fast forward 2020: the Learning Company

Underneath the Athenian sun, the 22nd conference of the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) took place. Gathering 200 people from VET institutions, the...

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ICT and education: global efforts needed to reap the benefits of ICT

“Opening up education is neither a tsunami nor a panacea, but sunshine” was the concluding note of chairman Sijbolt Noorda of the Neth-ER seminar ‘Reflections on Opening Up Education’. The seminar...

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