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Neth-ER: Erasmus+ needs a bigger budget to realise full potential!

Neth-ER argues that at least 2.5% of the EU budget should be dedicated to Erasmus+’s successor programme, with an absolute amount of at least 3 billion euro’s per programme year. This is Neth-ER’s...

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Bussemaker: 'There is still much work to be done to improve the quality of education'

Building cognitive and social skills, combating radicalisation and coping with migration are the Presidency’s key priorities for education, according to Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister for Education...

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Ingredients for a European Skills Agenda

Skills is a hot topic, both on the regional, national and European level. The European Commission will present a European Skills Agenda on the 25th of May 2016. During a Neth-ER Seminar,...

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Martine Reicherts: 'learning and teaching needs to be more relevant'

What are the main issues Martine Reicherts, newly appointed head of the Directorate-General Education and Culture (DG EAC), wants to tackle? What is the impact of the Erasmus+ programme and what...

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EP Hearing ‘Erasmus for all’: all sectors deserve equal treatment

“All current programmes within the Lifelong Learning Programme must be treated equally in the new education programme Erasmus for all”. This was the general statement made by Doris Pack as...

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Doris Pack: ‘Paper does not blush’

Doris Pack (CDU) is a member of the European Parliament (EP) since 1989. She holds amongst other positions in European and German politics, the chair of the Committee for Culture and Education (CULT...

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The new LLP: Towards a European Higher Education Area

by Guusje ter Horst, president of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO-raad) 'Bologna' and European initiatives in mobility, education and training such as Erasmus...

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