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ICT and education: global efforts needed to reap the benefits of ICT

“Opening up education is neither a tsunami nor a panacea, but sunshine” was the concluding note of chairman Sijbolt Noorda of the Neth-ER seminar ‘Reflections on Opening Up Education’. The seminar...

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EU Commissioner Kroes: "My dream is to have every classroom digital by 2020"

On the occasion of the launch of the EC communication ‘Opening up Education’ and the seminar ‘Reflections on Opening up Education’ which Neth-ER organises together with MEP Marietje Schaake on 1...

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Open up! Digital technologies to reshape education

Europe needs to step up its efforts to fully exploit digital technologies in education and training systems across Europe. In doing so, the European Commission proposes concrete actions in its...

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Register for Neth-ER Seminar on Opening up Education!

On 25 September the European Commission will publish a communication on ‘Opening up Education’. On the occasion of this publication, Neth-ER organises in close cooperation with MEP Marietje Schaake...

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Europe is in need of its own highly e-skilled professionals

“It is surprising that many 15 year-olds, who belong to the generation of ‘digital natives’ and who have grown up ‘wired’, do not have the skills to use ICT in a critical and creative way”, as...

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Learning to know: it’s all about curiosity

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” This was the vision of Clay P....

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Make Europeans aware of the importance of e-skills!

The key factor to promote e-skills is to make Europeans more aware of the importance of e-skills. This is the main conclusion of the Neth-ER Seminar ‘E-skills: providing young people with a bright...

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E-skills: shifts in education and ways of learning needed!

E-skills are becoming more important however is Europe ready to make a shift in education and in learning? This is one of the questions posed during the opening conference of the European Commission...

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