Meeting rooms

Neth-ER has two meeting rooms available able to seat, respectively, 12 and 45 people. In addition to beverages, Neth-ER can also provide lunches on request. On our reservation form you can specify your lunch requirements and wishes.

If you would like to make use any additional equipment, such as beamer of facilities for video conferences, we will make the necessary arrangements for you. In addition, every conference room has free WIFI.

If you are interested in one of our conference rooms please fill in our booking form. Here after we will send you a quotation. Please note that when you file the booking form, you agree to our terms of use

Members and their member organisations, Ministries, and members of Neth-ER do not have to pay for the use of the meeting rooms, but only for the use of the audio-visual equipment, the beverages, and a personnel fee. The prices for non-member organisations to use the meeting room facilities are outlined in the tables below, specified by meeting room. 

Overnight stay, restaurants and parking in Brussels
We do not offer hotel accommodations, but we can suggest a number of good hotels in the neighbourhood. You can download the list with hotels, restaurants and parking facilities here.

All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

Meeting rooms & facilities

  Luxemburg meeting room Brussels meeting room
Amount of people Max. 12 persons
  • Max. 45 persons in theater style
  • Max. 24 persons in U-shape setting
  • PC with projection screen
  • Smartboard
  • 2 microphones
  • Airconditioning
  • Half a day: €200
  • Entire day: €350
  • Half a day: €275
  • Entire day: €500

* Members and their member organisations do not have to pay for the use of the meeting rooms

Arrangements, additional equipment & personnel fee
  Normal price Members price
Projection screen or monitor Half a day: €25
Entire day: €50
Half a day: €10
Entire day: €20
Videoconference Half a day: €50
Entire day: €100
Half a day: €50
Entire day: €100
Beverages** €7,50 per person €7,50 per person
VIP lunch 
€15 per person
€25 per person 
€15 per person
€25 per person 
Personnel fee 1-19 persons: €15 per hour
20-50 persons: €30 per hour
1-19 persons; €5 per hour
20-50 persons: €10 per hour

** The beverages include coffee, tea, still and sparkling water, and soda

Terms of use

After you have filed the booking form the reservation is not final yet. When one of our employees confirms the reservation via e-mail your booking is final.

Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours ahead of time. When a reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand, or in case of a no show, 50% of the total costs will be charged.

On our booking form you can mention any lunch specifications you may have. Neth-ER will arrange the lunch for you and we will make sure your wishes and stipulations are upheld. It is possible to use your own caterer if so desired. In such cases, we do charge a service fee. 

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