Wishes and concerns of stakeholders: What should FP9 look like?

What do countries and other stakeholders want FP9 to look like? More budget, a focus on excellence or widening participation? Would the European Innovation Council be a useful initiative or does it...

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Internationalisation in the VET sector: we have some catching up to do

Is every VET-student aware that an internship abroad can be a life enriching experience? Does every VET-student know about the possibilities that the Erasmus+ program has to offer?

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Education institutes need to face security issues

The attacks in Paris and Copenhagen and most recently in Brussels have placed the issue of safety and security firmly on everyone’s agenda, including on those of higher education institutes in...

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Paris Declaration: one year later

Tackling radicalisation through education is high on the European agenda. Even more so after the Brussels attacks of March 22. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015, the Paris Declaration...

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Vocational education as innovation source

Most European countries attribute some role to vocational education in their innovation strategies, but these roles differ throughout Europe. This can be concluded from a Neth-ER quick scan of eight...

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How students can help tackle Europe’s crises through value education

The shadow of war and conflict has returned to the European continent and education is key in dealing with this new era.

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Antimicrobial Resistance research: Are we doing the right things?

During the Dutch Presidency of the EU, Antimicrobial Resistance is receiving much attention. Edith Schippers, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands, coined it as her priority...

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Column Karl Dittrich: "knowledge is the answer"

Research universities are both strong supporters and contributors to the European project. Research and innovation are cornerstones for Europe.

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