About Neth-ER

Neth-ER (Netherlands house for Education and Research) is a representation of the Dutch knowledge community in Brussels. The aim of Neth-ER is to influence the European policymaking process in an adequate way in order for the Dutch knowledge community to optimally use European policy and instruments that Europe has to offer to the Netherlands. To achieve this, Dutch organisations working in the field of education, research and innovation, founded this international non-profit association in Brussels in 2006. Neth-ER  has its premises in the heart of the European arena of Brussels. 

In the first place Neth-ER carries out work for its members, including the supporters of the members. In addition, Neth-ER contributes to the broader Dutch interest in Europe by providing the Dutch knowledge community with information about relevant European developments in the fields of education, research and innovation. Neth-ER is supported by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science.


  • To enhance the influence of the Dutch institutions on the European policy formulation in the fields of education, research and innovation.
  • To provide relevant information about European knowledge dossiers to the Dutch knowledge community.

Neth-ER has defined three priorities that allows for a focus on the activities and services carried out by Neth-ER in the interest of its member organisations. The priorities are as follows:

  • Erasmus+;
  • Horizon 2020 (accompanied by the flagship Innovation Union) and the European Research Area (ERA);
  • European Structural and Investment Funds;

In addition, Neth-ER provides customised information for its individual members on relevant themes in order to influence the European agenda.


  • Neth-ER informs its members, their supporters and the Dutch knowledge community as a whole about European developments in the field of Education, research and innovation. This information is disseminated by means of short news articles that are published on the website on a daily basis. These messages are also regularly posted on Social Media. Moreover Neth-ER sends out a weekly newsletter to its subscribers which entails the most important news of the past week
  • Neth-ER organises seminars on relevant European themes. The aim is to bring together  its members, their supporters and the ministries involved to establish a dialogue. Also, staff members of different European institutions can be invited to these seminars.
  • Neth-ER has and maintains intensive contact with staff members of European institutions in order to stay up to date on European developments and to inform its members about these developments.
  • Neth-ER gives advice on certain topics and themes. The aim of the advice is to give members and their supporters a profound insight on specific and relevant European topics and/or developments.

Neth-ER offers a couple of services, such as meeting rooms and workplaces.

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