Smits: '2017: another crucial year for European science and innovation'

Embedding science and innovation in all EU policy activities is in full motion as well as the preparation for FP9. Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General for Research and Innovation underlines the importance of strong alliances between European institutions, Member States and stakeholders like Neth-ER. Together, they will also co-design the future of science and innovation in Europe. In this interview Smits looks ahead on what 2017 has in store.

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Treppe: “FP9 needs to prioritise impact”

The foundations for the future European research and innovation policy will be laid in the coming months. The interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 is in full swing and talks about FP9 are starting. Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) are an important part of the European research and innovation system as a bridge between science and industry. What are the concerns and wishes of RTOs for the future research and innovation policy? We asked the President of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), Frank Treppe.

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Neth-ER: Erasmus+ needs a bigger budget to realise full potential!

Neth-ER argues that at least 2.5% of the EU budget should be dedicated to successor of the Erasmus+ programme, with an absolute amount of at least 3 billion euro’s per programme year. This is Neth-ER’s main recommendation in its position paper on the mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+.

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Neth-ER: 15% of the EU-budget should be dedicated to R&I

At least 15% of the EU budget should be dedicated to the research and innovation framework programme, with an absolute budget of at least 15 billion euro’s per programme year. This is one of the six key position points that are made in the Neth-ER position paper on the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020.

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Beyond 2020: What does the future hold for EU research and education?

On December 14th, Neth-ER held its annual networking event that brought together representatives of the Dutch knowledge field and the Brussels network of education, research and innovation

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Internationalisation in the VET sector: we have some catching up to do

Is every VET-student aware that an internship abroad can be a life enriching experience? Does every VET-student know about the possibilities that the Erasmus+ program has to offer?

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